About Malcolm Ponnayan

Malcolm headshot

Hi, I am Malcolm and I am so honored that you are interested in knowing me as I run as your federal Conservative candidate from Scarborough Centre. 

Landed as an immigrant from India, a true conservative in my upbringing and spirit. I was raised in a family strongly rooted in moral and ethical values and taught to be responsible and accountable. My family is my strength. Growing up in a middle class working family, I believe the seed of being financially responsible and taking care of oneself and others is planted at home.

With education in healthcare and business management from Ireland, I am a dedicated health and social service leader who is committed to the health and social well-being of the most vulnerable people in our society like our seniors, Indigenous people, youth and adults with mental health & addictions, homeless. My experience in the healthcare industry serving seniors and other vulnerable people prepared me so well for this race.

I have had the honor of serving in the EDA board in Don Valley North since 2013 and I have the honor to serve as the President of Don Valley North riding association up until recently. Throughout this period, I have worked in many campaigns, volunteered to support Conservative candidates and values and build a strong community of Conservatives.

My difficult life journey through rugged rough roads and my battle to educate myself and progress in life despite severe financial and social limitations helps me bond and identify with the weaker sections of the society and fuels my energy to campaign for change and inclusive growth.

In times so unpredictable, I present myself as a resilient leader with servant heart leadership, an able blend of empathy and strategy to take Scarborough Centre forward.